Growler Fills

You can choose any of our draught beers to take home in one of our 1 or 2 litre growlers (sealed, refillable and reusable glass containers).

How it works...

1. Choose your growler size. 1 litre growlers are £5.50 and 2 litre growlers are £10. This is a one-off cost.

2. Simply choose your beer and we will purge the growler with Co2 to prevent your delicious beer from oxidising and remain at it’s best for longer.

3. Once sealed your growler should be kept cool, ideally in a fridge, and we recommend drinking it within 7 days.

4. When your growler is empty, rinse it with warm water and bring it back to us to refill with more great beer. We will swap your growler for a fresh, already washed one. You now only pay for the cost of the beer.

If you would like more than 1 or 2 litres of beer to enjoy at home, take a look at our Cask In a Box for 5 litres of cask beer.